Faux: adj. (pronounced /'fo /, like "foe")
1. French origin for false or fake.
2. The most luscious pair of false lashes on the market.

We're doing things differently

Our philosophy is pretty simple – Create and deliver beautiful, luxury lashes to your doorstep that we know you'll love.

At FAUX, we feature several hand selected lash collections. With 35 collective years of professional makeup experience, we offer everything from our tried-and-true favorites to this season's exclusive runway styles. We carefully designed to flatter each and every eye shape, FAUX lashes are meticulously crafted by the finest production facility in the world. We hope you'll love our lashes as much as we do. And really, who doesn't love attention?

Let's face it

False lashes are applied to your eyelid, one of the most sensitive areas of the body. Most of the mass-produced, machine-made lashes on the market use subpar materials. We do not recommend using a product on your eyelids that you're skeptical about. FAUX's lashes are individually handmade with the highest standards of craftsmanship. They are also hand-knotted to ensure strength and longevity. FAUX uses only 100% sterilized human hair and high quality synthetic blends. We are committed to offering premium eyelashes, and for that reason, every pair of eyelashes shipped has been personally inspected, packaged and sealed with a kiss.

Lash that gives

We truly believe in giving back. When you purchase the Lash of Love, we will donate 100% of its proceeds to organizations that help women in need. Every six months we will introduce a new Lash of Love, as well as a new organization we support. It feels good to give back, and we hope you will join us in making a difference.

Green is sexy

We strive to make a positive impact on our customers as well as beautifying the environment. We believe in reducing our carbon footprint while bringing beauty and a luxury lifestyle to everyone. FAUX is creating a more sustainable world by using kraft recycled shipping materials and printing on 100% recyclable paper with soy-based inks. Please help us create a better world by tossing your lash case and packaging in the recycle bin when you are ready to retire your lashes.


Sterling Andrews

Founder and Creative Director

Can't live without : Her iPhone
Favorite food : Pok Pok's Thai chicken wings
Best known for : Making the best mixes
Favorite lash : Alexia

Sterling knew her life calling was in beauty. Born and raised in San Francisco, Sterling is a city girl with an eye for fashion, design and glamour. Her early love of cosmetics blossomed into a successful makeup career and she has earned an impressive list of notable celebrity, TV and fashion clients.

After working in the beauty industry for a decade, Sterling grew increasingly dissatisfied with the false eyelash options available for her clientele. She decided to revolutionize the industry by developing the most beautiful lashes for everyone. The FAUX brand illustrates her perfect vision of edginess and luxury combined. Sterling's favorite, is watching her clients smile big after wearing FAUX lashes for the very first time.

Miranda Gulyash

Co-Founder and COO

Can't live without : A sense of humor
Favorite food : Wine
Best known for : Having the best manicures, always
Favorite lash : Her namesake pair, the Miranda

Miranda hails from a small Californian town, but always knew she was destined for the big city life. Her creative eye for color and design coupled with a dash of hyper imagination provided the perfect foundation for a beauty career. Her makeup artistry has led to key roles with distinguished brands such as Aveda, MAC and shu uemura.

With over 15 years of experience in cosmetics, FAUX Partner Miranda decided to delve deeper within the industry and soon cultivated an interest in the business operations side of running a beauty company as our COO. She is also an avid lover of blogs and enjoys networking with others in the beauty community. Over the past two years she has been responsible for growing our social network and is also our Director of Content for our blog and social media platforms.

Alexia Ogle

Co-Founder and CMO

Can't live without : Music and Stilettos
Favorite food : Greek
Best known for : Her contagious laugh
Favorite lash : Sasha

Alexia's love affair with beauty started with the early discovery of her mother's makeup drawer. The rest, as they say, is beauty history. Spending her formative years within the Bay Area, she began her career with prestigious brands like Lancome, NARS, MAC and Stila. Her extraordinary makeup artistry has also been showcased by A-list celebrities and fashion designers alike. Alexia was specially chosen to manage the exclusive shu uemura boutique in San Francisco, and her passion and expertise for false lashes flourished within the creative environment. Her charismatic flair for management makes her a natural professional at PR and business development. Alexia's beauty mantra is, "The eyes are the jewels of the face, and lashes make them sparkle!"

Selyca Medford

Event Producer

Can't live without : Daily beauty and DIY blog inspiration
Favorite food : ANYTHING Mexican
Best known for : Her painted eyebrows
Favorite lash : Sasha

Selyca’s passion for beauty started at the age of 4, when she discovered a drawer full of makeup in her grandmother’s mirrored bathroom. With an anxious little sister as her very first subject, Selyca’s need to make others feel beautiful only grew over the years. She has established her career in make-up artistry working for brands such as MAC Cosmetics, Trish McEvoy and shu uemura. After gaining respect in the industry, Selyca now focuses on bridal make-up services throughout the San Francisco Bay Area.

Selyca’s excitement for special events started almost as young as her passion for make-up. She has been planning events for over 8 years with groups as large as 10K to as small as 2. She was the perfect fit when FAUX launched the Lash Bar concept. Selyca will be the first to tell you your legs look sexier with a pair of heels, and your eyes will look more beautiful with the perfect pair of lashes!